elecronic test equipmentElectrical equipment is defined as any type of machine whose main power source comes from electricity. More often than not, the entire package is made with an enclosure, electrical components and the power switch. At some instances though, the equipment may refer only to electrical distribution system components.

Those with enclosure, electrical components and switch include major or domestic appliances, microcontrollers, power tools and small appliances. Those categorized under electrical distribution systems include electric switchboards, distribution boards and circuit breakers. Learn about the differences between these components through the succeeding paragraphs.

Machine powered by electricity

Major appliances are specifically defined as the large machine used in order to make household chores like cooking, cleaning and food preservation easier. The main characteristic of this equipment classification is the fact that it is heavy. Common examples include freezers and refrigerators, cookers and microwave ovens, washing machines and clothes dryer and air conditioners and water heaters. As for small appliances, these are the ones that are considered portable or semi-portable.

Another type of electrical equipment powered by electricity is the microcontroller. This is actually a small computer that operates on one integrated circuit. It has a simple central processing unit or CPU combined with other functions such as timers and crystal oscillators. They are used for smaller applications like automobile engine control systems, office machines and remote controls.

Of course, power tools complete the list for this category. These tools source its power either from electric motors or gasoline engines. They may either be handheld or stationary whose uses range from simple cutting, shaping, painting and polishing to complexes of metal and wood working. Examples of power tools are air compressors, biscuit joiners, circular saws, crushers, diamond blade, floor sanders and wood routers.

Components for electric distribution systems

Under this classification, electric switchboards are found. These are devices responsible in directing electricity that comes from a source to the other. Panels are assembled with switches that allow redirection of electricity. With the aid of safety switches, electrocution is prevented.

Another product on the list is the distribution board. This is also known as the panel board and is defined as the component that divides electricity in several circuits. The entire list will not be complete without circuit breakers. This is a type of electrical equipment that protects the electrical circuit from any damage resulting from short circuit or overload. It functions to determine any faulty condition in wiring systems.

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